Knetz admire APRIL Naeun and UP10TION Wooseok outstanding visual combination in the behinds scene of drama 'Twenty Twenty'!

Look at the picture of Naeun Wooseok.
That's not a big deal, don't get me wrong
Hyunjin is a cool guy of this generation when he's filming, but when he's done, his voice gets cuter and shy. It's so cute.
Please show us a lot of behind stories~

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Netizens comment :

- this is the video! Everyone go see it.

- The best face combination.

- Ah I love it.

- Their aura is more similar than I thought.
I'd like to see him as a brother and sister, not a partner.
If those two faces were to be siblings, the genes in the family...
We need national protection.

- Both are good-looking.

- Wow.

- Please take a picture as a brother and sister. They're both handsome and pretty, and they're smart and have a good image externally, but they're really not close.ᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲᅲ

- I want to see you two come out together again.

- Both play a drama? That's amazing.

- Wow, you two are like brothers and sisters. The picture is really handsome and pretty, it's healing your eyes.

- Both of their face is amazing.