Girlgroup LOVELYZ reportedly will make a comeback in early September.

Group Lovelyz will make a comeback in September.

According to a K-pop official on 3rd, Lovelyz is working on a new album with the goal of making a comeback in early September. The members are preparing for the comeback with a firm determination to reveal the different charms of Lovelyz that they have not shown before.

It is the first time in a year and four months that Lovelyz has made a comeback as a whole group. LOVELYZ, who fought against each other through their solo activities and personal schedules in entertainment shows, will be united as a whole group to meet their fans. As it is a long-awaited comeback, it is expected that it will show its presence properly.

Ryu Sujeong, a member who made her solo debut earlier, said, "Lovelyz will continue to give variations in their sentimental and innocent lives. It's because all the members have great pride and affection for Lovelyz's team color and music," she said, asking for attention to the group's comeback. It is interesting to see what kind of transformation Lovelyz, the epitome of the innocent girl group, has made through this new report.