From SF9 Rowoon to Actor Jang Dongyoon, who will be the next of 'National Younger Boyfriend' after Actor Park Bogum?

Who will succeed like Park Bogum?

Actor Park Bogum announces his enlistment, saying goodbye to fans for a while. Park Bogum will be admitted to the 669th training course for naval soldiers on August 31. In May, Park Bogum secretly applied for the cultural promotion unit (Piano part) of the Naval Public Relations University in the Navy's military music and chairman's battalion, drawing keen attention to whether he will join the military. Since then, Park Bogum's military service has been confirmed after his agency announced his acceptance of the Navy's cultural promotion unit on April 25. The agency said it plans to finish filming both the movie "Wonderland" and the drama "Records of Youth" before joining the military. "We ask for your support so that he can fulfill his military in good health."

Even after joining the military, Park Bogum can be met through works such as tvN's drama "Record of Youth" which will air in the second half of this year, and films such as "Seobok" and "Wonderland," which are scheduled to be released, but expectations are high on whether a new "national younger boyfriend" will be born in less than 20 months.

MBC's drama "Extraordinary You" aired in October last year has created a number of candidates for "National Young man" amid the hot topic. Rowoon, who plays the main character "Haru," has been gaining popularity since his appearance in the drama. Rowoon, a member of the idol group SF9, began his acting career with supporting roles in dramas such as KBS2's "School 2017" and SBS' "Where Stars Land" and established himself as an "Acting Idol" through "Extraordinary You."

Rowoon captivated viewers with his fresh and sweet romance with actress Kim Hyeyoon, his counterpart in the drama, as well as his handsome face like the main character of a pure cartoon. He has been selected to star in JTBC's drama "Senior, Don't Put on That Lipstick," which is scheduled to air next year. It is expected that he will emerge as a "national younger boyfriend" by playing a younger character with perfect appearance and personality in the drama.

In "Extraordinary You," Lee Jaewook and Jang Gunjoo also made eye contact with younger men who shook the hearts of Korean sisters. Lee Jaewook, who made his debut through the tvN drama "Memories of the Alhambra" in 2018, has emerged as a unmainstream actor with various faces more than two years after his debut. Enter tvN drama, he's captivating viewers with his naive younger boyfriend in WWW. He was selected as the lead role in KBS2's "Dodo Sola Sola Sol," which will air for the first time next month, about four months after appearing in JTBC drama "If the Weather Is Good," which ended in April.

Jeong Geonju, who showed off his affectionate charm as "Dohwa" in "Extraordinary You," is also one of the most popular characters. Starting with the 2018 web drama "Such a Flower-like Ending," it has emerged as a new star in web dramas such as "Three Bosses a Day Season 2," "WHY - The Real Reason You've been dumped by your lover," and "The Best Ending." Having made his first feature debut through "Extraordinary You," he has been reborn as a popular "pick" by sub male character in a pure cartoon. Since then, he has taken a step closer to the title of "National Younger Boyfriend" by performing his good acting from comic to romance in the tvN drama "Oh My Baby," which just ended.

Jang Dongyoon, who emerged as a romance master in the KBS2 drama "The tale of nokdu," which ended in November last year, was also on the list of next-generation youth stars. Jang Dongyoon, who made his debut through the web drama "Game Company Female Employees" in 2016, has been walking down the flower path, taking the lead roles in KBS2's "School 2017," "Dancegirls" and tvN's "My Love for Forgetting Poetry." Through "The tale of nokdu," he was recognized as an "all-around actor," performing in depth from female attire to action and romance. With the OCN drama 'Search' announcing his comeback in the second half of this year, it is expected that he will be able to meet his new charm of challenging the genre.