Cosmetic brand Innisfree shares a meaningful and good-bye video to Girls Generation Yoona who has been the model for 11 years.

Girls' Generation Yoona will say goodbye to Innisfree, a cosmetics brand that she has been a model for 11 years.

On the 1st, Innisfree posted a message on Instagram saying, "We've been together for 11 years and beautiful goodbye," adding, "Innisfree and Yoona are trying to wrap up their long journey with the end of August 2020."

"It was such a happy time to be with Yoona, who shone in Innisfree with unwavering passion for 11 years since 2009," he said, posting a meaningful video for Yoona.

The video showed Yoona with Innisfree from "Dongbaek Essence" in 2009, the first meeting between Yoona and Innisfree, to the most recent "Green Tea Seed Serum."

Although advertising products and concepts have been changing for 11 years in the video, Yoona has drawn attention for her unwavering innocent appearance.

Yoona is an icon representing K-beauty and K-pop and has been a muse of Innisfree not only in Korea but also in Asia and the Americas.

Yoona, who has a clear and clean image, was nicknamed "Human Innisfree" after being praised for being well suited to naturalist cosmetics Innisfree.