Actress Bae Suzy show how thankful she is to the fans with her bright smile on Instagram.

Singer and actress Suzy showed her joy with a lovely smile.

On 5, Suzy released several photos on her Instagram with a "heart" emoticon.

In the picture, Suzy is smiling pretty in front of a coffee truck sent by her fans. Suzy, who matched a big-size shirt with jeans, made her fans heart flutter with her simple yet natural charm.

In addition, at the Samgyetang buffet prepared for staff and actors, Suzy said, "Samgyetang, tteokbokki is delicious."

Meanwhile, Suzy will appear in the tvN drama 'Startup' scheduled to air in October. In the drama, Suzy plays a confident young Seo Dalmi who dreams of becoming a Korean Steve Jobs.