2NE1 CL give hint to the fans fo the upcoming comeback soon on her Instagram!

Singer CL is making a comeback soon.

CL told fans on Instagram story on the 2nd, "My fans, I was frustrated waiting! I want to go to the stage with music rather than words, so I'm just running forward! We're almost there. I miss you all so much and thank you all the time," and released a photo.

In the black-and-white photo, CL is seen sticking out his tongue and making a V pose. CL's colleagues, who showed off their individuality in all white and all black fashion, are drawing attention as they are choosing CL's pictures.

CL's music career has been a long time since the release of her album "In the Name of Love" last December. In May, CL's comeback is expected to be a more welcome gift as the group 2NE1, which CL belonged to, celebrated and cheered for their comeback in hopes of their 11th anniversary.