Monday, July 13, 2020

WOOLLIM Entertainment CEO, Lee Jungyeop under controversy for hit and call INFINITE Woohyun's face 'the worst' on Live Broadcast.

Lee Jungyeop, CEO of Woollim Entertainment, the agency of INFINITE, hit Nam Woohyun on the head and sparking controversy.

In the Instagram live broadcast on July 4th, INFINITE members Nam Woohyun, Kim Sungkyu, and Lee Jungyeop had time together.

On the same day, Lee Jungyeop hit Nam Woohyun's head with as soon as the broadcast began.

Nam Woohyun looked embarrassed, but he said, "You just saw it, right? Hit me like this. You're hitting me too much.", "Your face is the worst," said CEO Lee Jungyeop.

Ridiculous words continued on and on and on. CEO Lee Jungyeop pointed out Nam Woohyun's appearance, saying, "Your face is the worst," and pointed out Nam Woohyun's face is 80kg and expressed his nervousness by saying, "Why are you so drunk?" He said, "You fed him."

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Netizen comments :

- Heol???

- ???

- What is this-

- Woah Lee Jungyeop really..

- What the hell? It's Live too..
Shame on you. The CEO of the company...

- Why are you hitting him, even if it's a joke? What's wrong with the CEO?

- That's why artists are banned from Instagram.
That's ridiculous. Who are you, really?

- I don't know what kind of company you're representing.

- Violence???

- When did you say that?

- Are you really CEO??