Sunday, July 12, 2020

Viewers' bulletin boards were full of supporting message for Lee Hyori after she's crying when talk about her controversy in 'Hangout With Yoo?'

Singer Lee Hyori, who recently became controversial for doing a live broadcast at a karaoke room, in "Hangout With Yoo?' she apologized with tears in her eyes. Viewers' bulletin boards were lined up with encouraging messages for Lee Hyori and opposing her departure from the show.

More than 100 posts related to Lee Hyori have been posted on the viewer's bulletin board since July 1st. On this day, Lee Hyori's live broadcast at a karaoke room became controversial.

Viewers left messages of support and encouragement for Lee Hyori . One netizen said, "Who watches 'Hangout With Yoo' to see Lee Hyori?" "Hyori, don't be discouraged." "It's okay! I apologized, but please stop." Another netizen said, "Hyori, it's okay. "Cheer up," they said. "I had a great day. I was happy and happy throughout the show. " There was also a flood of postings opposing Lee Hyori's departure.

A message of consolation was also posted on the official Instagram account of the show. Netizens said, "I'm sad to see Linda G depressed. I felt the pressure and weight of living as a celebrity. Come back quickly to G Linda." "I'm getting even angrier because Linda is crying." They wrote comments like that. "Everyone can make mistakes. It's important to try to correct your mistakes. A strong but gentle and warm person!"