The singer-songwriter who was investigated by police for illegal filming reveals to be Hwang Kyungseok.

The singer-songwriter, who was investigated by police for illegal filming, was Hwang Kyungseok of The Film Festival.

According to a the official report on the 27th, Hwang Kyungseok of The Film Festival was recently investigated by the cyber investigation team at the Gwangjin Police Station in Seoul on charges of illegal filming and distribution.

In an interview with, Bae Geunjo, a legal lawyer for all law firms, said he filed a complaint against Hwang Kyungdeok for illegal filming and distribution in May after being aware of the April incident.

According to Lawyer Bae, Hwang Kyungseok admitted some of the charges during a police investigation. Hwang Kyungseok claims that he didn't distribute the film, although he did film it illegally. "Hwang Kyungseok was hacked after uploading the illegal footage to Naver Cloud," lawyer Bae said.