The Korean Movie "Peninsula" is expected to hit 2 million after surpassed a total viewers 1,945,543 a week after its release!

The movie "Peninsula" is set to hit 2 million.

According to the Korean Film Council's integrated network of movie tickets on July 21st, "Peninsula" ranked first in the daily box office with 141,503 people on the previous day.

Released on the 15th of this month, the "Peninsula" has been on the rise with a total of 1,945,543 people during the six-day run. The breakpoint of 2.5 million viewers will not be difficult at this rate.

"Peninsula" begins with Han Jungseok (played by Kang Dong-won), who fled the country four years ago, receiving an inevitable proposal to return to the isolated peninsula.

The action blockbuster "Peninsula" is an extension of director Yeon Sangho's world view of Apocalypse, which follows animations "Seoul Station" (2016) and "Train to Busan" (2016). 116 minutes of running time.