[PANN] Knetz talks about how ITZY Ryujin and Yuna reminds them of RED VELVET Wendy and Joy!

Netizen comments :

(+64,-4) Wendy really looks like a fairy.

(+61,-6) The legend blonde hair.

(+43,-4) Wendy is so crazy, her eyes like a fairy.

(+23,-4) Yuna, your features are crazy. You're pretty.

(+19,-2) Blonde hair Wendy is really.. really..

(+19,-4) Wendy Joy really pretty.

(+17,-4) Yuna's eyes are really big.

(+15,-1) It's just like jyp and sm.

(+15,-2) Wendy, can you give me that hairstyle?

(+12,-2) Yuna so pretty~