[PANN] Knetz praise how Girls Generation Hyoyeon can dance easily in Irene Seulgi 'Naughty' and her amazing dance skills!

The dance moves of Irene Seulgi song look so  difficult.
How can she be so good at it?
Seulgi said it was hard.


Netizen comments :

(+41,-2) No wonder she's being called "Girls Generation Main Dancer." It's already a class of outstanding idol.

(+27,-2) Maybe she doesn't dare to call Hyoyeon 'One Top', but Hyoyeon is really the main dancer.

(+22,-1) Originally, Hyoyeon danced so well.

(+15,-1) I heard you danced the best when you were a trainee. Girls Generation members would have said Hyoyeon would make a 100% debut.

(+12,-1) Hyoyeon Hit the Stage is amazing.

(+11,0) Girls' Generation's debut group has been overturned dozens of times. They tried this and that. They also reduced the number of people and increased the number of people in the group. I heard that Hyoyeon was the one who was always fixed as the debut member. Everyone says she has to debut. The real main dancer.

(+5,0) Even Hyoyeon is not an idol, she can dance in any professional genre.

(+3,0) I was shocked when I saw the Good Girl crew. She is really a good dancer.

(+2,0) It's Hyoyeon, of course.