[PANN] Knetz discuss if BLACKPINK Jennie really gets paid 600 million won for every sponsored Instagram post.

The sponsored went too far...

Netizens comments :

(+79,-1) That YouTube story itself is so. Why are you telling me that? ~

(+60,0) In fact, if not 600 million won per post, I think she's getting more money than we think. You'll get paid to be Chanel's Ambassador in the first place. Now that I'm telling you, I'm jealous.

(+27,0) 140 million followers, Ariana Grande gets 1.1 billion won per post. I think she'll get about 600 million won worth of Jennie.

(+10,0) Kylie Jenner earns a billion for each poster, and she's on display at home like a bag store, and she's the real influencer.

(+10,0) So envy...

(+9,0) I don't know 600 million won, but of course she'll get paid. If she wear sponsored clothes and post them on Instagram, other foreign stars will follow you, and even soccer players like Beckham, Ronaldo, and Messi will earn a lot of extra money on Instagram.

(+9,0) But I'm sure it's about right. I heard from somewhere that Ronaldo made 60 billion won on Instagram.

(+5,0) If I get 10 million won instead of 600 million won, it's going to be great for me.