NCT Yuta is drawing attention for showing off his friendship with a Japanese YouTuber, Rhee (Nobleman).

Yuta Nakamoto, a Japanese member of NCT, is drawing attention for showing off his friendship with a Japanese YouTuber.

NCT Yuta personally conveyed his friendship with YouTuber "Rhee," who is active in Japan, during a live broadcast of Naver's V LIVE on the 21st. Yuta said, "I got close to YouTuber Rhee. We also met yesterday," he said.

Rhee is a YouTuber who runs the YouTube channel "Nobleman," and the main content is "hateful." He is a YouTuber who has consistently posted anti-Korean content such as criticizing the late Sulli and posted a banner and the group BTS who wore a Liberation Day T-shirt. The channel, which operates in Japanese, has 360,000 subscribers.

Criticism is coming over whether it is a problem that a member of a Korean group born in SM Entertainment, showed off his friendship with a YouTuber whose main content is anti-Korean. Some point out that Yuta was also able to fully recognize Japanese anti-Korean content posted on the Rhee channel as a Japanese.

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Netizen comments :

- I don't think he knew. It's not too much of a guess that you know that Japanese YouTubers are anti-Korean because you're Japanese.. but it doesn't mean that you didn't know what you did wrong, but the article seems too malicious.

- How could you have not known what kind of video he's uploading? Do you ever get close without knowing what kind of person you're friends with?

- It doesn't make sense that you didn't know what your best friend was thinking.

- I see you're a very low-key person. Why are you so close to someone like him?

- While you working in Korea..

- Of course you know what your close friends do and who they are.

- That's shocking. You're making money in Korea...

- Woah...

- Isn't his mother Korean?

- I don't think there's going to be any feedback after all right? Personally, it was the greatest shock of all time that a celebrity revealed.