Mnet 'Kingdom' reportedly will not be airing this years due to various problem including casting the group.

The road to 'Kingdom' is rough. It has faced a wall from the casting, making it uncertain to launch it within this year.

Mnet, which enjoyed last year's girl group comeback war "Queendom," has decided to launch "Kingdom" this year. In April, they created "Road to Kingdom," an audition for "Kingdom," giving the winner THE BOYZ an automatic chance to "Kingdom." However, it is unlikely that the program will be launched in the second half of this year due to various practical problems.

According to industry sources, the production team of "Kingdom" had to overturn its first planned lineup several times. Park Chan-wook, a CP (responsible producer), said, "When we did 'Road to Kingdom', many of our lineups were revealed in advance. We will prepare more carefully," he said, but it is not easy for a secret to exist in the casting. In fact, rumors have spread that the group will appear, and the agency has received several related inquiries.

During "Road to Kingdom," there was a lot of talk about casting. Since the format itself is a form of dividing the ranks of idol groups and lining up, it has been a burden not only for the agency but also for the idol groups. The agencies had to persuade their singers to appear on the show, and they also covered the huge production costs for the high-quality stage.