Monday, July 13, 2020

Mnet announce their new audition program for teenagers 'CAP-TEEN', broadcast in October.

Auditions will be held for teenagers.

Mnet announced on July 13th that it will air its first audition "CAP-TEEN" for teenagers in October. "Captain" offers opportunities for many teenagers who dream of becoming K-pop stars to take the stage, and aims to create a new teen star by using the program as a gateway.

If the "High School Rapper" series focused on the birth of teenage hip-hop stars, "Captain," which dreams of a generational change in the K-pop market, will be able to apply for teenagers who are talented in various genres such as singing, dancing and rap, showing their talents in various fields. In particular, it is expected to show a fresh and energetic performance as it is the first stage to be presented to the world by teenagers with passion for music and infinite potential.

There is no limit to both individual or team participation, and the "Captain" winner is given a special opportunity to release their debut song with the sound source produced by the star producer and the choreography of the nation's top dance team.

Meanwhile, Mnet will recruit applicants for "Captain" by August 28. Any teenager who dreams of becoming a future K-pop star can apply. After completing the downloaded application form on the official website, support can be provided via email or SNS along with the support video.