Sunday, July 12, 2020

LOVELYZ Jin, Jisoo and Mijoo keep received a malicious comments from haters for no reason?

LOVELYZ Jin, Jisoo and Mijoo received a malicious comments from haters for no reason?

Lovelyz member Jin drew attention on July 11th by giving a warning to a netizen who left a malicious message on her Instagram.

On the same day, Jin exchanged questions with her fans through Instagram stories. But between the fans' messages, "Is she an idol? She's just like a normal person," included an uncomfortable message from a netizen. "I'm not an idol, I'm a crazy person. Just put your head and bring me a hammer"

Seo Jisoo, a member of the same group, also strongly responded to malicious comments. On the same day, Seo Jisoo posted a photo on her Instagram of her family's trip to Gapyeong, Gyeonggi Province. Among them were photos of Jisoo wearing swimsuits and enjoying water play.

A netizen made sexual harassment remarks to an online community. Seo Jisoo captured the post and posted it on her Instagram story, saying, "I'll see you someday," hinting at a legal action.

Lovelyz haters have been constantly harassing them by appearing on personal SNS and V LIVE, which communicates with fans in real time.

Earlier in February last year, member Mijoo saw some comments that crossed the line during V LIVE. Although the other member who was watching from behind was embroiled in controversy for using slang as if she was angry, most netizens defended Lovelyz, saying, "It was deserved."

Against the malicious commenters, public support for celebrities who deal strictly with malicious comments is dominant. LOVELYZ's patient and determined response is supported by many netizens.