Knetz talks about how frustrating it's must be to see BLACKPINK only had 14 songs since their debut.

All 16 songs... including Lady Gaga's collaboration with DuaLipa, but BLACKPINK's album itself is only have 14 songs...14 songs from the debut in 2016 can tell how serious it has been.

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Netizens comments :

- So you performed cover songs or unreleased self-composed songs at the concert? It's too serious.

- How's the concert going?

- Oh, my God. That's insane.

- So if we release about 10 songs in the full album, it's as good as the songs that have been released for almost four years.

- Why aren't they releasing the song? I'm sure there's a song. I'm curious about it.

- The full album will be coming!!

- BLACKPINK that I want to see often... I want to listen to a lot of new songs.

- I know every song that comes out...

- There are more titles than tracks.

- So all the songs that came out so far were single, not album????