Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Kang Daniel's agency confirmed Rapper Simon Dominic will be featuring on his new album but denied about the release date.

Rapper Simon Dominic will feature in singer Kang Daniel's new album.

"We are still preparing for our next album, and the song featuring Simon Dominic is only one of the songs in the next album, and it is not a song to celebrate the first anniversary of our debut, and the release on the July 25th is also not true," an official at Konnect Entertainment, the agency, told Exports News on the July 1st.

"We will tell you the specific release date and details of the next album as soon as it is organized," he added.

Earlier, a media outlet released a new song to mark the first anniversary of Kang Daniel's solo debut on July 25th and reported that Simon Dominic will participate in the featuring of the new song.

Meanwhile, Kang Daniel will hold an online fan meeting "Danityist" on the 25th, the first anniversary of his solo debut.