'Its Okay to Not Be Okay' Actor Oh Jungse's sincere heart toward his fans draw attention as well as the sweet picture of them.

"Thank you for the existence of such a person in the world."

Actor Oh Jungse's sincere heart toward his fans touched society. He met Bae Bumjoon, an intellectually disabled fan, and spent time together at an amusement park. Internet users were also deeply moved when Bae Bumjoon and his younger sister Bae Jisoo delivered their beautiful stories through social networking services (SNS).

Cello player Bae Bumjoon said on his Instagram on the 25th, "When you meet an angel? It's blinding. I can't look straight at it. I'm tearing up," he posted. He went on to say, "It's such a dazzling time before and after the meeting. Take it out one by one," he added, recalling his pleasant time with Oh Jungse.

The released photos showed Oh Jungse and Bae Bumjoon having a happy time taking pictures at an amusement park wearing a mask. The image of Oh Jungse smiling while leaning on Bae Bumjoon's back draws attention. Another photo released by Bae Bumjoon draws attention as it shows the two riding a bumper car together.