Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Girls Generation Yoona posted a handwritten apology due to the recent controversy in the live broadcast with Lee Hyori.

While singer Lee Hyori apologized for her visit to a karaoke room in the midst of new coronavirus infection, Girls' GenerationYoona who was with her, also posted a handwritten apology.

On July 1st, Lee Hyori, along with Yoona was accused of visiting a karaoke room at a time when she had to be careful with Corona 19. In response, Lee Hyori apologized through SNS on the morning of July 2nd, saying, "I deeply regret that I have acted out of the situation that I still have to be careful," adding, "I've been so excited lately that I haven't been thinking deeply about it. As an older sister, I'm sorry for Yoona. I will be more careful and careful in the future. Once again, I apologize for accompanying Girls' Generation Yoona to the karaoke room"

Yoona said on her SNS, "Hello, this is Im Yoona. First of all, I sincerely reflect on my careless behavior for causing concern. I'm sorry. I didn't have enough thoughts and judgment at a time when everyone had to be careful. I will try my best to behave carefully from now on. We are deeply reflecting on the fact that we have not been able to pay attention to the medical staff and the people who are struggling with Corona 19. Once again, I apologize for causing concern to everyone."