Monday, July 13, 2020

Girlgroup (G)I-DLE confirmed to making a super-fast comeback in early august!

(G)I-DLE is making a super-fast comeback in a month.

(G)I-DLE is preparing for a new album with the goal of making a comeback in early August. (G)I-DLE released 'I'm the Trend' on July 7th and planning to make a comeback. "I'm the Trend" is a self-composed song by members Minnie and Yuqi, drawing attention that it is the first fan song released by (G)I-DLE. This time, fans are raising expectations by announcing the come back a month after 'I'm the Trend'.

Above all, attention is focused on the growth and worldview that (G)I-DLE will show. (G)I-DLE has been popular with original concepts since their debut. The debut song "Latata" topped music programs in 20 days and ranked at the top of various music charts. Thanks to this, (G)I-DLE set a new record of seven wins.