FNC denied the malicious rumors about AOA Seolhyun and will take a legal action.

While the group AOA Seolhyun was embroiled in a malicious rumor, the agency said that Seolhyun had nothing to do with the rumor.

The agency, FNC Entertainment, told OSEN on 22th that the person in the Rumor is not Seolhyun. "We are collecting data for legal action against online groundless rumors and spreading false information."

"We are deeply sorry for the act of reporting this as a fact, and we will take strong legal action without any leniency for the serious damage to our artist reputation," it said.

"We will actively take legal action against any defamation involving our artists online."

Recently online has spread of a rumors with the smoking and verbal abuse of a girl group member mentioned in a program in the past. Some netizens mentioned Seolhyun as the main character of the controversy, creating rumors.