'Backstreet Rookie' by Ji Changwook and Kim Yoojung coming with.7.6% ratings in the new episode as the story getting interesting!

Ji Changwook and Kim Yoojung of "Backstreet Rookie" have become guardian angels of each other.

In the 12th episode of SBS' Friday-Saturday drama "Backstreet Rookie" Choi Daehyun stormy jealousy to Jung Saetbyeol sent a bomb of excitement to the small screen. As a result, the nation's household ratings stood at 7.6% (part 2, Nielsen Korea) and the highest viewer ratings per minute stood at 8.4%, ranking first in the same time slot. The figure is the number one in the current mini-series.

On the same day, Choi Daehyun felt a strange sense of competition from Kang Jiwook who likes Jung Saetbyeol. He even put makeup on his face to catch up with Kang Jiwook, but failed. In addition to the camera scare, he made mistakes that he usually doesn't make. Jung Saetbyeol took care of Choi Daehyun and sided with him in front of Kang Jiwook, saying, "Why do you humiliate our manager?"