Actress Kim Jiwon and Actor Ji Changwook will work together as a lead in Kakao TV's drama 'City Men and Women Love Methods'

Actress Kim Jiwon and Ji Changwook will work together.

"Kim Jiwon and Ji Changwook have been cast as the main characters of Kakao TV's short-form drama 'City Men and Women Love Methods'," a drama official told Daily Sports on the 27th.

"City Men and Women Love Methods" is a love story filled with urban sensibilities. It is a work that can be seen as a Kakao TV platform, and it will be filmed in October and can be seen in November. In addition to Kakao TV, it is also discussing providing OTT.

Because it is a Kakao TV platform, it is different from the existing drama format. A total of 12 episodes will be produced for about 25 minutes per episode targeting mobile users. The ending that makes you curious about the next episode. However, it effectively secures the point of explosion of emotion by maintaining the connection of the story.

Producer Park Shinwoo of "Its Okay to Not Be Okay" is currently in charge of directing.