Actress Han Sohee has been embroiled in a controversy over her mother's debt, however her friends defend her and explain about the truth.

Actress Han Sohee has been embroiled in a controversy over her mother's debt. However, her acquaintances expressed regret, drawing a line between Han Sohee and her mother.

Han Sohee who has been in her spotlight since JTBC "The World of The Married" was embroiled in a debt controversy of her mother. In response, Han Sohee posted a long apology letter on her blog on  the same day, saying, "First of all, I can't dare to count them all, but I would like to apologize first to the victims who would have a feeling of standing on the edge of a cliff."

Because of the controversy, Han Sohee's friends and acquaintances stepped forward. About 10 people have expressed their willingness to help, saying they hope the public will not misunderstand Han Sohee.

Han Sohee's classmate told OSEN on July 20th, "It is true that Han Sohee did not receive much protection from her mother since early," adding, "I hope that Han Sohee, who is now doing well, will not be caught by her mother's fault."

Another classmate also said, "I went to school with Han Sohee and knew her for a long time, but I didn't hear much about my mother. Instead, her grandmother gave her a lot of love. But it's so sad to see Han Sohee being criticized for her mother's fault all of a sudden."

A classmate who was close to Han Sohee when she was young also said, "When my parents came to the school event, Han Sohee's grandmother came. It can be said that she grew up without her mother's protection. Nevertheless, she has always been a bright friend," she said. "She's not the type to rely on someone physically or mentally. She helped us a lot. It's not the nature to owe someone. She has been working part-time since she was young and growing up on her own."