A former member of AOA, Kwon Mina revealed her bright and pretty visual in her latest Instagram Update.

Kwon Mina, a former member of the group AOA, revealed her bright and pretty recent life.

On July 21st, Kwon Mina said on her Instagram, "Gayoung's photography skills and the studio did everything. But this studio looks prettier during the day. It comes out this good at night. So to catch me right now, first of all, the boss is really good...Thank you. And Gayoung, I'm sorry I'm late." She released a number of photos showing how we've been doing.

In the photo released, Kwon Mina is taking a photo profile in the studio. Kwon Mina reassured fans by revealing her bright and pretty daily life after complaining of the pain she suffered when she was bullied during her life of AOA.

Meanwhile, Kwon Mina recently confessed that she had been bullied by AOA Jimin and received support from many fans. After the controversy, Jimin has decided to stop working in the entertainment industry.