Thursday, June 18, 2020

THE BOYZ will be the group who join "Comeback War: Kingdom" after winning 'Road to Kingdom'!

"Road to Kingdom" THE BOYZ won the right to enter the "Kingdom" with both the cumulative score and the live voting score. ONF unfortunately finished second, leaving viewers of "Road to Kingdom."

Mnet's "Road to Kingdom," which aired on June 18th,  ONF, Pentagon, THE BOYZ, VERIVERY and ONEUS holding their last live contest to go to "Comeback War: Kingdom."

On the same day, Jang Sungkyu and Lee Dahee of "Road to Kingdom" unveiled their current cumulative rankings, which combined the cumulative scores of the first, second and third rounds of competitions, cumulative points of video inquiry, and comeback song scores. The Boyz came in first, ONF in second, Pentagon in third, ONEUS in fourth, and VERIVERY in fifth.