Thursday, June 18, 2020

THE BOYZ topped the current ranking on Mnet 'Road to Kingdom' with ONF in the 2nd place!

The 'Road to Kingdom' ranking has been revealed. THE BOYZ ranked No. 1 in cumulative scores except for live text voting, and the existing No. 1 ONF became No. 2.

Mnet's "Road to Kingdom," which aired on June 18, unveiled its cumulative score ahead of the final competition.

The cumulative score of the 1st to 3rd rounds, which was released before the final competition, was 31890 points, with ONF topping the list and THE BOYZ with 30765 points in second.

Except for the live voting score before the competition, the cumulative score of the video and the score of the comeback song was released.

THE BOYZ, who scored 60765 points in the first place, and ONF, who scored 51052 points in second place. PENTAGON, ONEUS, and VERIVERY in turn ranked third to fifth.