[PANN] Knetz talks about the beautiful fan art that IU pressed like on Instagram!

A collection of fan art that IU pressed 'Like'

I like IU's straight shots.

You're such a good painter. She looks the same.

It's a painting by Woony, who is famous for IU's fan art.
I've seen it a few times, she really has a golden hands.

Pictures look so pretty when they're affectionate.
I think it's the same with paintings.
I can see it's full of affection.

IU herself is pretty.
The picture looks more fantastic like a doll in a fairy tale.ㅋㅋ
And she's been drawing and uploading pictures.

All right. It's worth it.
I was touched by the painting.

(GIFs are my favorite)

What does IU think after seeing this?

Netizen comments :

(+48,-2) But looking at it like this, IU really looks like a cartoon(Manhwa) character.

(+36,0) I looked it up on Instagram and it's really awesome... And she's a total successful fan.ㅠㅠ

(+35,-2) You look like a real fairy. The same thing as IU played a part in it, but as if IU's unique atmosphere was revealed, it's so pretty.

(+18,0) Woony is the most famous IU fan art! After all, she collaborated with IU on the day she was advertising, and she had a drawing class with Woony, who came out on the calendar.

(+13,0) Thank you for your picture, IU. So where's the Fan Art?

(+10,-1) IU so pretty.

(+4,0) Crazy.

(+4,-1) .