Sunday, June 28, 2020

[PANN] Knetz surprised to see BLACKPINK Jisoo and WJSN Bona's friendship with a new selca!

I started looking for BLACKPINK today. Are they close? How did you get to know each other like in Instagram story? If you have any other pictures, please give me more.

Netizen comments :

(+18,0) Both posted it on Instagram.

(+10,0) A good friendship between pretty girls.ᅲ I'm sorry, I don't have any pictures with you.

(+4,0) Heol so pretty, I will support this friendship.

(+3,0) Both are so pretty.

(+2,0) It's been a long time since you two met with makeup on.

(+1,0) The visual looks crazy. I wonder how Jisoo got along with Seulgi too.

(+1,0) Both so pretty.

(+1,0) Heol.