Wednesday, June 24, 2020

[PANN] Knetz listed the Playlist Webdrama featuring the 'Produce' including WEKI MEKI Kim Doyeon, Kim Minkyu, NU'EST Minhyun, VICTON Byungchan and UP10TION Kim Wooseok!

Current status of playlist web drama casting, which is featuring 'Produce'

1. 'Pop Out Boy!'

Their face and name are the same as the heroine in the cartoon, but the personality is the opposite.
In front of a beautiful woman, Chun Namwook, a real cartoon character who popped out of a comic book, appeared and took place.

Kim Doyeon (from Produce 1) in the role of the female lead 'Han Seonnyeo'

Ten years ago, the daughter of.... the author of The Fairy and Namwook', a great hit comic strip...!
Because she has the same face and name as the fairy in the cartoon, she grew up being teased when she was young.
People judge that she will be as young and fragile as a fairy in a cartoon.
To break that prejudice, she always tries to be smart and strong. she hate being cheesy.

Kim Minkyu (Produce X) in the male lead role of Chun Namwook.
The real guy that popped out of "The Fairy and the Namwook".
You don't care if you're a cartoon character.
He has a pure and innocent sensibility.
In the comic book, he said, "I'm a lonely fighter," and he spouted a rose.
In reality, he has puppy-like charms that have been hidden, boasting overflowing curiosity and sociability that exploding.

The two shots of these two

First of all, I love your physique.
Look and catch these handsome pretty girls.

2. Twenty Twenty.

Kim Wooseok (Produce X) as the male lead 'Hyunjin'

Between the freedom and responsibility that 20-year-olds, who are just adults, enjoy for the first time,
It's about finding a dream.
If you drew a story of eighteen in 'A-TEEN' in 2018 and nineteen in 'A-TEEN2' in 2019,
In "Twenty-Twenty," the main characters are 20-year-olds.

In the role, 'Hyunjin' is said to be an independent 20-year-old male lead.

3. (Untitled)

Hwang Minhyun (Produce 2), the male lead in teen academy short form drama

he has confirmed his appearance and we don't have any accurate information about the web yet
The title is not yet decided

Choi Byungchan (Produce X)
No information yet about the role
Byungchan is trying to be a drama after 5 years since he played the basketball team in his debut.
Teenage academy drama? Are you watching Byungchan wearing a school uniform?
No, I'm about to cry.

Playlist Casting Visual Level

I will believe and watch.

Netizen comments :

(+52,-18) I will look forward to Minhyun and Byungchan.

(+44,-12) I'm going to bring in Choi Byungchan's puppy with a smile on his eyes and a dimple.

(+43,-17) Choi Byungchan Hwang Minhyun My One Pics... I'm looking forward to it.ㅠㅠ

(+25,-10) I will support you.

(+21,-11) Mingyu, Byungchan, Wooseok, you're all going through puberty. Fighting, everyone!

(+16,-13) I'm looking forward to Minhyun. Hwang Minhyun, fighting!

(+15,-11) I can't wait for Wooseok.