Tuesday, June 23, 2020

MAMAMOO Hwasa will skip KCON scheduled and take a rest for the time being due to back pain.

Mamamoo Hwasa will take a rest for the time being due to back pain.

MAMAMOO's agency, RBW, reported on its official fan cafe on June 23 that it had changed its schedule regarding Hwasa's health condition.

"MAMAMOO member Hwasa recently visited the hospital for a sudden back pain during choreography practice for the title song of her solo mini album," the agency said. "It's not a big injury, but we received a specialist's opinion that she need to rest for the time being because it could be too much for future activities."

As a result, Hwasa was decided to skip the KCON: TACT 2020 SUMMER schedule for June 25th.

The agency said, "The schedule will also be decided based on Hwasa's recovery status," and added, "We ask for your understanding of MAMAMOO fans who love MAMAMOO. We will do our best to take care of the artist's health so that all members of MAMAMOO can stay healthy."