Friday, June 19, 2020

Knetz talks about the three recent drama of the three Kim (Kim Saeron, Kim Yoojung and Kim Sohyun)!

Kim Sohyun

Netflix / Love Alarm

The Tale of Nokdu

Radio Romance

Kim Yoojung

Clean with Passion for Now

Backstreet Rookie

Love in the Moonlight

Kim Saeron


Webdrama Love Playlist

Mirror of the Witch

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Netizen comments :

- Sohyun's a good picker.

- Leverage is so fun. Give me season two right now.

- Why is Yoojung so good in historical drama?

- The tale of nokdu ㅜㅜ❤

- I like Hyanggi

- The tale of nokdu and love in the moonlight.

- For Sohyun I like the tale of nokdu and love alarm.

- "Love Playlist" was fun.

- I like all of Sohyun.

- Kim Sohyun's work is well chosen. I think I've heard all the titles.