Monday, June 8, 2020

Davis McCarty expressed his position that he will take the plagiarism of TWICE's MV 'More & More' seriously

U.S. sculpture artist Davis McCarty has expressed his position regarding the controversy over plagiarism of sculptures in the music video of the group TWICE. Davis McCarty once claimed that the sculpture in the music video for TWICE's new song "MORE & MORE" plagiarized his work.

"Our legal team and I take this plagiarism very seriously," he said. He recognized the situation as "plagiarism" and made it clear that a legal team had been set up.

"We are in the process of talking with TWICE, JYP, and NAIVE," he explained. NAIVE is the music video producer for 'More and More.'

"I want them to do honest work, and I want them to work this out with me," said Davis McCarty.

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Netizen comments :

- It's a bigger work.

- Did you not agree?

- Heol ㄷㄷ

- I think we should get the music video off quickly, even until the problem is solved....

- Did you really have to put that sculpture in?

- What's wrong with NAIVE really?

- Shouldn't we change the music video?

- Aigoo...

- You're in the middle of an agreement, you're working on it.

- Naive really..