Monday, June 1, 2020

Actor Park Bogum reportedly will join the Military on August after applied for the Navy's military band.

Actor Park Bogum applied for the Navy's military band. If accepted, he will join the army on August 31.

Netizen comments :

(+1044,-132) Rather than acting on one excuse or another,
It's a good thing to volunteer in time.
Applause for Park Bogum's decision

(+966,-104) Military band members are active. Park Bogum would pass~

(+829,-90) Park Bogum will look good Navy~.
Your father was a Navy man too.

(+102,-13) Every naval event is going crazy. He will pass for sure.

(+97,-11) You look great in a navy uniform.

(+90,-15) I'm sorry to send Park Bogum, but he have to go.

(+88,-13) Park Bo-gum is cool as if he's working hard on everything.