Monday, June 8, 2020

Actor Lee Seunggi will join Cha Taehyun in the new tvN variety show 'Seoul Village Guy'

Actor Lee Seunggi will join hands with producer Yoo Hojin.

"Lee Seunggi will join hands with Cha Taehyun and producer Yoo Hojin to create tvN's new entertainment program 'Seoul Village Guy'," an entertainment industry source told Sports Chosun on the 9th. "Seoul Villagers" is a travel entertainment program where stars born and raised in Seoul visit their guests' hometowns.

Producer Yoo Ho-jin has successfully led a season of "One Night, Two Days" on KBS, moved to Monster Union and has moved to CJ ENM again. Last year, he planned and directed tvN's entertainment show "Wednesday is a music program" and received recognition from viewers. On top of that, he has a deep relationship with Lee Seunggi and Cha Taehyun. In the past, he worked with Lee Seunggi as the youngest of "One Night, Two Days". The combination of the three is expected.