Wednesday, May 20, 2020

YG Entertainment officially announced that Bang Yedam's solo single will be released in June as a surprise gift for the fans!

Bang Yedam will release his solo song.

YG Entertainment officially announced on May 21 that Bang Yedam's solo single will be released in June.

YG explained, "Bang Yedam's solo music had been steadily preparing before the Treasure was formed," and added, "In June, before the Treasure debut, we decided that it would be better to release a song that he prepared as a surprise gift to his fans."

Treasures' plans for the second half of this year were as shocking as the news of Bang Yedam's solo song, which even fans had never expected.

YG added, "Treasure, who confirmed his debut in July, plans to release three to four new songs by the end of this year," adding, "It is a promotion similar to the one that released a single every month in the early days of Big Bang's debut in 2006."