Monday, May 25, 2020

WOOLLIM Entertainment released an official statement regarding the recent issues, revealed that the album was stolen by an outsider.

On May 25th, Woollim Entertainment posted an official statement on Lovelyz's official SNS.

Today, a media outlet reported that a handwritten CD presented by another artist to Lovelyz was posted on the used trading market.


This is Woollim Entertainment.

I'd like to talk about the illegal trade of artist-owned items posted online.

Recognizing that the signed CDs that Lovelyz received as gifts in the past were being traded on the mobile application, we checked the external leakage path of the goods through business officials and subcontractors.

We value the items, including CDs, from our fellow artists, and we inform you that we will never transfer them to anyone else.

Judging that the case was stolen by an outsider, we will requested to the police for an investigation.

We will do our best to confirm the exact route of the leak and retrieve the goods as soon as possible.

I apologize politely to those who have experienced any inconvenience due to unintentional incidents, and I promise you to take extra care not to repeat such incidents in the future.

Thank you.