Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Pledis Entertainment announced that they will take a strong legal action regarding the violation of NU'EST's private life.

Boy group NU'EST announced that they would "request severe punishment without mercy" for privacy violations by haters.

NU'EST's agency, Pledis Entertainment, posted a notice on its official website on May 13th regarding the violation of the artist's privacy.

Pledis said, "Recently, there have been cases when people are expressing their interest to the artis beyond the line," and added, "The members are suffering from severe psychological distress as they continue to visit the company, practice rooms, recording rooms, and fitness centers to wait for the members and follow their vehicles to their apartment."

"Right after the end of the schedule on May 12th, we took additional measures after being chased by a car  into the hallway of our apartment," adding, "In addition to that, we will not only permanently restrict NU'EST-related fan club activities but will also strongly respond to any future incidents and previous confirmed cases, including those that violate the artist's privacy, and will collect evidence such as CCTVs and monitoring and file complaints with the local police station," he said.

In addition, Pledis warned of legal action, saying, "We will request strong punishment without mercy for all matters regarding the protection of the artist's personal rights."