Friday, May 22, 2020

[PANN] Knetz discuss about the background story of GOLDEN CHILD performance in 'Road to Kingdom'!

It was a stage that was too difficult to understand at once to see and make you think a lot, and I also need background knowledge about Paganini.

But the broadcast didn't tell us the exact story, so people who saw it once thought that there was no story on the stage.
It was actually a stage with a great story.

First, they chose a song called "Wanna Be." This song itself is about longing for something without a specific object.
On this stage, Golden Child's Wannabe...
'Perfectly complete musician'
There are two things you need to look at on this stage.
A white violin on the ceiling - a 'perfect musician' and 'higher musical talent' he craves.
General violin- present self-musical ability not satisfied with oneself

Showing a white violin on the ceiling, hands come out of the surrounding members and start with a choreography that stretches out with a white violin.
Members - a mind not satisfied with its current musical ability.
Hand - a heart that continues to bloom toward a complete musician.

Lots of choreography came out where the members reached out to the white violin.

They want to be a perfect musician, but they can't reach it because they're still not satisfied with it.

When the song starts, Joochan starts with a sitting down with a white violin.
 <The Lyrics at this time>
I think I lost my smile.
I think I forgot my happiness.
as if the darkness had settled down
Lay me down

frustrated at not being the perfect musician you think you are.
This is my opinion, but the reason why he's holding the white violin is because he's already a genius musician, but I think they expressing theirselves to not satisfied because they want to reach a higher level of music.

"Middle Lyrics"
Save me. Let me hear you.
Fill your ears with your melody
Show me. Let me know you.
In this world of darkness, your eyes...
Open my eyes. Dance me.
endless fantasy
I want you
I wanna be wanna be you
I want to feel you.
I want to live in you.
I wanna be wanna be you

Continue to indicate that your Wannabe is a 'perfect musician'

 <Rap Part Lyrics>
I crave more. I crave you more.
I'm thirsty. Drink you up. Dump dump.
Closer to you
i wanna be you

In this part, the members who play the regular violin spread out from side to side.
Jangjun longs to be a perfect musician, but the current appearance he is not satisfied with it and it's bothering him everywhere i wanna be you, Jangjun makes a gesture that he rejects and the members disperse

Joochan plays Paganini's music with the lyrics "Open my eyes."
Here's an explanation from a YouTube comment.

At first, he looked very absorbed in his performance playing the regular violin.

As the performance reached its peak, the members reached out to the sky and danced as if they were despairing.
one's own desires begin to appear.

At the end, the members were scattered as they stopped playing with the lyrics, "Make me open my eyes."

This is the best part of the story on this stage.
At first, he was fascinated by his genius musical talent, but he became increasingly distressed by yearning for higher and higher musical talent.

I wanna be wanna be you repeatedly

reaching for 'perfect musician' and 'higher musical talent' but ending without reaching

It may be disappointing to see the competition at once, but it was actually a very high-quality performance.
They made it well in connection with the lyrics of the song Wanna Be and the stage, and I think it's the story of the singer Golden Child's longing for a higher musical talent.
I wish I could get a reassessment.

Netizens comments :

(+133,0) Golcha is not dropout, it's an must be an early graduation, It's crazy.

(+116,-1) It's a musical-like stage where you have to pay for the theme, the storyline that fits the song, the dance that expresses it, and the violin.But the program seems to have ruined it. I can't think of it as a bowl to put it in, right? Golcha Fighting!!! Story lines are difficult without background knowledge. But from the perspective of viewers, I like the stage.

(+92,0) It's a story about a singer who yearns for a higher musical ability like Golden Child.
It's crazy. It's really amazing.

(+49,0) They were really the ones who came out to play their own music. The theme of the contest is really hard to understand. ㅠㅠㅠ

(+42,-1) I heard Joochan got bruises on his shoulder because he practiced violin for eight hours. There's nothing he can't do.

(+42,0) This is a stage where only the members can appear. It's about their own selves.

(+34,-2) Guys, you know what...? Actually, that violin-playing member Joochan doesn't know how to read music... He just listen to Paganini Caprice 24 and play it so perfectly. I think he's a real genius.