Sunday, May 24, 2020

[PANN] Knetz celebrate the successful comeback of NU'EST 'I'm in trouble' as the comeback activities ended.

2020.05.11.~2020.05.24.(Total two-week activities, end of activities)

Good job, NU'EST.
Also good job, LOVE.
Let's meet again next time!

Netizens comments :

(+30,0) Let's work hard on other album and run together, thank you LOVE ♡

(+29,0) There was no off, but I was happy. Pledis, I'm flattered this time.

(+23,0) It was such a happy 2 weeks. I want to see you for a long time next time. ^^

(+13,0) NU'EST did a great job during this promotion, and I'd like to thank all the composers and songwriters who made great songs. L.O.V.E, you have also worked hard. We did a great job. Let's run well together for the next activity!! I always thank the team, the music team, and I hope other singers and fans stay healthy and happy.♡

(+10,0) NU'EST you did great ♡

(+10,0) I was really sad about the 2 weeks activity, but I was happy to see you for 2 weeks. NU'EST, you did a great job.