Monday, May 18, 2020

Global group IZ*ONE confirms to make comeback with the 3rd mini album on June 15!

IZ*ONE will return with a new album in June.

On May 19, IZ*ONE's official fan cafe posted a guide titled "Guidelines on the release of IZ*ONE's third mini-album."

"IZ*ONE will make a comeback on June 15, releasing its third mini-album. The members are currently speeding up their final work on the album, and they are also working hard on choreography practice to show a more complete stage," he said.

Below is the full text of Off the Record and Swing Entertainment's position.


I'm Swing Entertainment, Off the Record, co-managing IZ*ONE.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to WIZ*ONE (official fan club) who always cares and supports IZ*ONE.

I'd like to tell you about IZ*ONE's long-awaited release of their new album.

IZ*ONE will make a comeback by releasing their third mini-album on June 15.

The members are currently stepping up their last work on the album.

We are also focusing on dance practice to show a more complete stage.

Various contents prepared by IZ*ONE for the new mini album will be released sequentially before the release of the album, and various events for WIZ*ONE will be arranged.

Please give a lot of support to IZ*ONE members who are working hard to meet WIZ*ONE in a better way.

Thank you.