Friday, May 15, 2020

Girls Generation Yoona donated her entire fee she received from "Big Issue" to helps homeless people for her birthday.

Girls Generation Yoona donated her talent to "Big Issue," a lifestyle magazine that helps homeless people for her birthday.

On May 15, "Big Issue" released Girls Generation Yoona's pictorial. Yoona is creating a warm atmosphere with her good influence as she donated the entire amount she would have received from "Big Issue" for her birthday.

In the released photoshoot, Yoona perfectly digests the costumes of dresses and shorts suits, as well as reveals Yoona's unique atmosphere under warm lighting.

In an interview with a photoshoot, Yoona said, "I've been having a birthday party with fans every year around May 30, but this year, due to various circumstances, I won't be able to be with them. I was thinking about what I could do, and I thought about 'big issues' with the thought of doing something meaningful," she said, explaining why she became a cover model for 'big issues.'

Yoona, who has consistently participated in social contribution activities such as volunteer work and donations, said, "I tend to think about what I can do and what I can do to express my heart. Sharing seems to bring more love. Fans do good things for me under the name of my fan, and I really appreciate them. I think we exchange energy with our fans to live with a pretty heart," she said.