Wednesday, May 13, 2020

BLACKPINK Fandom, BLINK held a truck protest against YG Entertainment asking for a better treatment for the group.

BLACKPINK's fandom BLINK held a truck advertisement at 9 a.m. on May 14th and held a protest against YG Entertainment.

Blink's public truck protest said, "Blink demands to YG Entertainment. #Do as much as half the others, YG," it contained an angry hashtag.In addition, they delivered the demands of fans related to BLACKPINK activities through Twitter hashtags and bombing e-mail reports.

"We held the same truck protest in December last year, but there was only an ambiguous answer from YG Entertainment and nothing has changed," Blink said. "We are sweating with the aim of releasing a new album earlier this year, but the comeback date has not even been set so far as the first half of the year coming to the ends."

They strongly demand that YG Entertainment form a dedicated team for BLACKPINK, demanding a comeback of two times a year, release of a full-length album consisting of at least six new songs, release of a solo project, use of YouTube channels and produce content, appear on various music programs, release of songs and albums simultaneously, and respond to malicious comments and the false rumors.

The plan was made before the comeback in June.

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Netizens comments : 

- The fan really have a hard time.. 

- Is it 35 million on YouTube? You don't use this????

- 1 year 2 times...?

- Woah this is not even the basic. 

- Yg is too much. It's been a while since BLACKPINK made their debut, but I can't see them making a comeback.

- But for 1 comeback for a year is too much.ㅜㅜㅜ Why isn't BLACKPINK making an comeback?

- I'm upset to see...

- It doesn't make sense without a single full-length album, honestly.

- I feel so sorry for BLACKPINK fans, and I feel so sorry for BLACKPINK. They're so talented. Why don't they let them make a comeback? Does BLACKPINK have an official cafe or something?

- Woah BLACKPINK doesn't have a full album??? 

- Is BLACKPINK already in five years? Time flies.