Thursday, May 14, 2020

Actress Lee Yeonhee announced that she will getting married with her boyfriend on June 2.

Actress Lee Yeonhee is getting married.

Lee Yeonhee and her lover will have a wedding ceremony this year, according to an ex-sports news report on May 15.

Lee Yeonhee also left a message on the official fancafe, to announce her marriage.

Lee Yeonhee said, "I meet someone I want to be with in my life and get married."

She added, "On June 2, we will have a precious relationship and a small ceremony with only parents and relatives from both families. It's a cautious time, so I try to have a simple ceremony and get a new start in my life," she added.

"I'll greet you with a good work even after I get married. Always take care of your health and I hope you are always happy," she said.