Friday, April 17, 2020

Singer Kang Daniel describe his first mini-album and how his feeling after the comeback in a pictorial with STAR1!

Kang Daniel, who returned with his first mini album "CYAN," decorated the cover of Star1 Magazine's 98th edition, which will be released on April 22.

Kang Daniel in the pictorial exuded a natural charm with a fashionable mood.

Kang Daniel, who has been on stage for a long time after the hiatus, described his first mini-album as "an album that feels like the first as he made a comeback after a sudden hiatus."

When asked how he wanted the public to look at the name, Kang Daniel, he replied, "I'm just thankful that you recognize me as Kang Daniel." However, he expressed his wish by saying, "In the past, I felt burdened by the burden of my name," and "I want to be a person who leads my name without being swayed or dragged by fame."

Also, what I really want to achieve this year is "the evaluation that turned the stage upside down at the end of the year," he said, adding that he wants to be recognized by many people, especially since there are fandom members of other singers.

As for the first solo reality show "Hello, Daniel," which appeared with a full comeback, he said, "I was happy to have a good time as I needed time for 're-loading'."

Kang Daniel's interview and pictorial, which wants to become an artist who always raises expectations, can be found in the No. 98 edition of the 2020 At Style magazine.