Thursday, April 2, 2020

Another Gu Family Book reunion? Actor Lee Seunggi and Choi Jinhyuk reportedly will star in the new drama 'Mouse' together.

Actors Lee Seunggi and Choi Jinhyuk are expected to star in tvN's new drama "Mouse."

Lee Seunggi will play Jung Barreum, the male lead in tvN's new drama "Mouse," and Choi Jinhyuk is discussing playing the role in the drama as well.

"Mouse" is a new drama by Choi Ran, who wrote "Black" and "God's Gift 14 Days," about psychopaths. Starting with an interesting question, "What if we could select psychopaths in advance?" they present a tense story.

Lee Seunggi will play the role of new detective Jeong Barreum, whose life has changed due to accidents, and to solve violent cases and provide a pleasant experience.

Actor Choi Jinhyuk is expected to play the role of detective Kim Gumchi, who forms a duo with Jung Barreum. After witnessing the sacrifice of his family as a child, he became a detective with a spiteful attitude. Choi Jinhyuk will discuss joining "Mouse" in  as soon as he wraps up filming the current OCN drama "Rugal."