Monday, March 2, 2020

Singer Kang Daniel teases fans with the release of a mysterious teaser, for a new song or another?

Kang Daniel is coming back.

On Monday, Kang Daniel posted an image on his official social media, along with a message, "KANGDANIEL 2020.03 COMING SOON #KANGDANIEL."

 Kang Daniel also posted a photo of the recording studio as the first post, "Recording complete" and attention was drawn to the recording studio as it didnt show what kind of recording it was .

Kang Daniel, who drew fans' attention with his Instagram messages, announced his resumption of his activities in March.Kang Daniel, who sent a long letter to fans saying he's getting ready for the comeback raised expectations of fans.

Meanwhile, following the comeback Kang Daniel will meets fans through his solo reality show "Hello, Daniel."

"Hello, Daniel" is a travel reality Kang Daniel left for Portland, the U.S., where he values KINFOK life.

Through "Hello, Daniel," Kang Daniel presents himself in Portland, a city of sensibility and art, in which he communicates with a variety of people, challenges to what he likes and tries to find true Kang Daniel. For the first time since his debut, he will take off his idol's burden and reveal his charms he never show to anyone.