Monday, March 9, 2020

Singer IU had a fun Q&A session with her fans on her Instagram story.

IU responded to her 2020 goal, saying, "I changed all my plans," raising curiosity.

IU had a Q&A session with fans on her Instagram story.

When IU was asked, "Did you do this because you were bored?" "The fans are worried about me, so I'm reporting that I'm doing very well! I hope everyone is well!" she replied, showing the essence of fan love

When asked what her goal for 2020 was, IU said, "I've changed all my plans this year," she replied.

On the same day, IU showed a cute charm when a fan called her "Jieun," saying, "I'm excited when someone calls me like this." One female fan said, "I'm excited to call you Jieun. I've always called you Jieun." IU replied, "Yes, I'm glad you'll tell me something serious and important."

IU has always taken care of her fans first and
giving her fans an emotional and great response.

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